Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Faulk, Andrews, Marijuana and the city of Lowell: A Retrospective

As Neil pointed out, Kevin "I wear weird looking elbow pads" Faulk got busted at a Lil Wayne concert down in Louisiana. A few weeks ago, Patriots special teamer Willie Andrews got busted in Lowell MA with pot. First there is clearly a trend developing: people with money and time on their hands like to get high!! The DEA needs to get involved STAT. Second, the Patriots cannot even consider treating these in the same way. Here's why:

Faulk was on vacation, enjoying the offseason in his home state taking in the vocal stylings of the one and only Lil' Wayne. (I won't get into the fact that Lil' Wayne looks like he has fetal alcohol syndrome here, but research it and get back to me with your thoughts.) Kevin had a tough season and an even rougher end of the season and just wanted to get lifted (does anyone actually use that word anymore?) He had already taken the time to roll the pot into some blunts.

Willie Andrews got busted late at night IN LOWELL, with a bag of pot. As a previous post pointed out, Lowell is an "interesting" city. What Willie, you couldn't head to a friends house, or stay at a Holiday Inn Express? Instead, you drove around like a 17 year old and got busted. Why, because the police know that anyone out late at night in lowell is up to no good...that is unless you are delivering delicious Columbus Bakery bread, the staple of life.

Faulk was hanging out with his buddies not bothering anyone and had the decency to roll it up into a blunt. Andrews was IN LOWELL with a bag. Bob Kraft should just tell Faulk to smarten up, and he should kick Andrews square in the nuts for being an ass.

Lauranzano OUT!!

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