Sunday, February 3, 2008


I have been absent for some time....and i sincerely apologize for my lack
of participation, but I've been looking back upon this past year and
reflecting how remarkable it really has been. i am truly appreciative...
its time to witness history. The events that are about to happen have never
been witnessed and will never be seen again...

Its time for the Super Bowl predictions......

Personally, i feel that the Patriots will start the game with a
deliberate running attack to set up the passing game. we may have a few 3
and outs just to establish that we will run against their pass rush. once
the running game is established, the screen passes and longball will be in
play. if the giants don't bite, then we'll kill'em with draw plays as they
over persue tom brady. this game is setting itself up to be the classic
Belichickian chess match.....

BB will prod and poke the Giants D and figure out what the GMen want
to do on offense. low scoring first half felling eachother out.

Don't miss this second half......BB's adjustments will open up the
field and allow for quick easy scores....with a couple of garbage TD's for
Eli..(BB has respect for Coughlin)

Pats 42-21

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