Tuesday, February 5, 2008

What the #@*$….

I’m not going to say that this loss stung as bad as that October night in 2003, but it was close. I would say that I was mostly in shock by the outcome. If someone had told you on Saturday that they see the future and had told you that the MVP of this game would have driven their team down the field with 2:42 left to play, make a few remarkable plays that will live on in Superbowl folklore and end the drive with a TD toss to his most dependable “big” WR, you would have thought of Brady and Moss, right? Right?

Well, it was Eli’s and Plax’s night. They punched the Patriots in the mouth with that opening drive and that was the difference. There were some games this year where we had 3 TD’s by the 10th minute of the game. Not this one. Their pass rush lived up to EVERYTHING that was written about it for the past 4 weeks. That rush took Brady out of his comfort zone. The ankle WAS an issue and teaming that with the fact that our O-line needed more help (and Belichick never gave it to them) our offense was non-existent.

Why didn’t we get two TE’s in there to help the O-line? Why didn’t we kick that 49 yrd FG on 4th and 13 on the G-Men 31? Why did we blitz Eli on the the Plax TD reception? Why? Because we were out-coached. Flat out. Never thought you’d hear that?? You just did. Bill Belichick, of the “In Bill We Trust” lingo, was out-coached. Josh McDaniels was out-coached. Dan Pees was out-coached.

This brings up some very interesting topics of conversation going forward. How long is Bill’s contract? How upset with Belichick is Bob Kraft? How embarrassed is Bill? Could we possibly be seeing the end of the Belichick era in New England? I don’t think so, but winning this Superbowl was imperative to Bill regaining some of his lost reputation.

We are right back where we were last February 5th. We’re back at the drawing board. Trying to figure out what went wrong and how to fix it.

I’m terribly disappointed in the outcome of this game on Sunday, but the feeling was not new. I’ve felt it before. We’ve all felt it before. That was our MO for years. Lets act like we’ve been here before, we can take it…..because there’s always next year.

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Ax said...

I have to say, being in New York for this was something I never wanted to experience. For those who don't know me, I am a Masshole at heart, but now living in in a shithole they call New Jersey. All year I watched Giants fans cringe at Eli's performances and curse the coaching of Coughlin.
I never disliked the Giants, like I do the Jets, but now all that has changed. In the past two weeks leading up to the bowl, and now after, I realize that the same fans I hate in NY for the yankees, are all Giants fans, and I hate them for the same reasons...they hate us!!
This brings me to my next point, which is how the hell could we lose this game!!! I know that we had all the pressure in the world on us, and the giants match up pretty well, but when it comes down to it this was a classic NY, BOS matchup, that Boston had a huge upper hand in. It is a shame we couldn't pull it together and win this one, it would of meant a lot to Boston in this age old rivalry...but now, we just have to accept that we lost to NY...again...and try to bounce back next year.
My only analysis on the game is this: Bill, Tom, Robert Kraft, and all of the Patriots organization knew what was coming on bowl day, and that was QB pressure from the Giants. We had ample time to prepare for it, recent experience to learn from, and a "genius" as a coach, and the fact is, we had absolutely no answer for it. Not only did we not have an answer for it, we couln't even adjust after half-time. We got outplayed and outcoached that day. The shame of it all is that 9 times out of 10 we would probably beat that same Giants team...but that doesnt much matter when you lose the only one that counts...

Hating life in NJ and NY...