Thursday, February 28, 2008

Watch Out Matt, There's a New Cassell in Town

Gots to chime in on the 2 big late night developments.

1) Welcome to Boston Mr. Cassell! (Not you Matt, sorry. Go back to carrying Tom's luggage.) I'm going to spare any and all analysis and just say two quick things here.

First, I really hope that Doc plays Cassell in tandem with Rondo frequently. They possess different skill sets these days and I absolutely do not want to stunt the growth of Rondo who I have a complete man-crush on.

Second, I'd love to see if Doc has the balls to play Rondo at the 1, Cassell at the 2, Shuttlesworth and Pierce at the "forward" spots, and KG in the middle. Wouldn't that be interesting? Believe it or not they have diverse enough skill sets where that could actually work. You'd have Cassell and Allen who can both catch fire from the perimeter; Pierce who can attack the basket, finish and get to the line; and KG who can play down low when he feels like it, and is completely unselfish. You'd think you would give up some serious rebounding there but KG is a very good rebounder, Rondo is great for his size and ditto Pierce. Sure Allen and Cassell are worthless in that regard but they are going to be worthless no matter who the other three players on the floor are so why not get creative? I really want to see this lineup happen so hopefully Doc can throw me a bone the next time they are on national TV.

(Not to knock KG again, but I still wish he'd decide to play on the blocks more than once every six or seven games. Although I do rationalize this to myself by saying he is biding his time for the playoffs. Either way it is going to be tough to ride KG to a Championship if he tries to rely on deep jump shots and turnarounds through playoff rounds. Just the facts folks, don't jump down my throat.)

2) Welcome back Teddy Bruschi. Nice sentimental move, but to be honest I am absolutely terrified that the Pats will decide to go into next year without really youth-anizing (I just coined a new term that works really well in both regards, I have never been prouder!!) their linebacking core. The Pats would be looking at being repeat Super Bowl Champs for the second time this decade if their D could have come up with stops in the 2007 AFC Championship Game and the 2008 Super Bowl so I don't think I am mean or crazy in wishing that they'd investigate at least a slight youth movement. We all love Teddy Bruschi, but excuse me if this re-signing does not make me jump out of my seat. Was there ever any doubt to begin with? It was kind of like when Schilling re-signed with the Sox (even if there was doubt there). Yay for sentiments, blah for results, whatever. Sorry to be so cut-throat, but just telling it like it is.

That's it.

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