Thursday, February 14, 2008

I Officially DESPISE Roger Clemens

Don't get me wrong, this steroids controversy in baseball is getting real old. It stems back to the first congressional hearing with Jose, Sosa, Palmero, Schill and the such and has driven the Mitchell report AND has given us a SECOND congressional hearing. I say kick'em all out. There are plenty of great baseball players out there willing to "put there butt on the line" for this game and play with some dignity. Unfortunately, I was loving the drama yesterday.... as I officially DESPISE Roger Clemens.
My enthusiasm for this hearing had waned since they rescheduled it last month. But, after the Pats lost to the GMen a few weeks back, I couldn't wait for 2 things: Jason Kidd to be traded and Clemens to get burned by Congress. NY is on too much of a high right now (their hate directed toward us) and they need to be lowered a peg. What better way than for their hero Roger to be dragged through the mud.

And was he ever!

I will not say that McNamee came off well at all. But it looked like he was telling the truth, even if it labelled him as a scumbag. But I was biased to begin with. I have deep anger towards Clemens and his .500 record his final 4 years with Boston (40-39). He quit on our franchise and Duquette had every reason to believe he was in the twilight of his career. But, how could anyone feel that Clemens came off in a good light yesterday. The only person involved that came out with some dignity and respect was Andy Pettite. Can you believe that.

Well, I certainly do not want to recap the days event, other than to say that inviting a possible congressional witness over to discuss the situation was a moronic move that will catch up with him....

Ladies and Gentlemen, the most decorated and dominating pitcher of our lifetimes is a fraud. If Roger gets to the hall.....Pete Rose BETTER be riding his coattails.

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