Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Colvins Out, Lua's Gone, But Colon's Large and In Charge!!!

There were some interesting developments out of Foxboro today with two cuts taking place, both of whom are linebackers. Rosie Colvin and Oscar Lua both got let go just as free agency is about to begin.

First, the one that actually matters: Colvin. This looks like a salary cap issue coupled with Rosie's difficulty staying healthy. He was in the last year of his deal and had a cap hit of over 7.5 million. I honestly thought they would restructure and add years, but I guess the Pats are ready to move on. I cannot help but think that this is tied to Adalius Thomas playing better in the last few games at outside linebacker than he did in the first few games on the inside. That is all fine and dandy, but that means that we basically have no inside linebackers currently under contract. Bruschi and Seau are both free agents, and Bruschi has not announced whether or not he will play or retire. This is a puzzling move especially because there are not a lot of middle linebackers heading for free agency, and the draft looks limited as well...

Second, the one that most of you never heard of: Oscar Lua. He was a seventh round draft pick that performed well in garbage time at the end of preseason games. He was hurt and on IR all season. So, either he didnt impress anyone in trying to rehab, or the only reason they didnt cut him prior to the season was because he was hurt. I suspect it is a little from column A and a little from column B.

Bartolo Colon is now in Ft. Myers on a minor league deal with the Boston Red Sox. There is also a cutoff date wherein the Sox can get out of the deal if they don't like what they see. First of all, I cannot believe either of the boys at EIC (MIke and Nick) have had nothing to say about this. Second of all, if you were to look in the dictionary for an example of "no downside" the Colon signing has to be it. We lose nothing but a little cash if we cut him, but stand to have an amazing fifth starter if he can get his shit together. I think this has the potential to be the best move Theo and Co. have made in their tenure. Also he showed up to camp grossly overweight, which as a fat guy, I love.

Lauranzano OUT!!!

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