Sunday, February 10, 2008

Youkilis, Big Baby, and more from a lazy Sunday.

Another quick weekend for the local sports world. The Bruins got spanked, the pro bowl came and went, and there were some qualifying races for Daytona. Other than that there was little happening that would justify it's own post, so here is some food for thought as all your Rootbeer & Baconites start your work week:

-Some serious thought and conversation needs to go into a new nickname for Roger Clemens. "The Rocket" just doesn't seem to fit now that there is information out there that he had his wife do HGH for this picture.

-Earlier in the year, I expressed some serious concerns with the Celtics lack of depth. Today, the Celts beat the defending champions without KG or Kendrick Perkins. This meant more playing time for the Big Baby Glen Davis, and he showed up to play. He had nine points and eight rebounds all while guarding Tim Duncan. (Who should be a Celtic...ML Carr did what he had to...)
-Leon Powe is fighting the Big Baby for number one on my list of bench players. Ever since his daughter was born this guy has been making the most out of his minutes, so much so he earned the start against the Spurs today. Just prior to that he had 16 points and 8 rebounds against Minnesota and 13 points and 10 rebounds against the Clippers. He has been on fire...I can only hope my game gets the same boost when my daughter is born...See you on the court Niel.

-The Red Sox did what was right and signed Youkilis before it got to arbitration. The Sox had made an initial offer of 2.5 million and Youk wanted 3.7 mil. They settled on 3 million even. I love this move. It shows the other young guys that the Sox are willing to pay up when performance dictates it. They won't wait until they are forced to do so by an arbiter.

-I couldn't watch the Probowl, football still hurts. A friend of the site put it best when he said that the Patriots loss was so damaging to him that he was unsure if he was still a sports fan at all. Eventually I will have a lot to say about Asante "get paid" Samuel and other issues, but I need to do a little work "on me" before I can work on the Patriots.

-Someone actually said to me last night that they heard that Schilling tore his rotator cuff playing world of warcraft. That theory first broke right here on the pages of Rootbeer & Bacon.

-Barak Obama had a huge weekend. I know this has nothing to do with sports, but I love this guy.

-Two of the senior members of Rootbeer & Bacon will be attending the first Yankees game of the season. Anyone know how we can get press passes? Also, anyone have any good ideas about ways to promote this site at the game?

Well, thats about it...Spring Training gets going this weekend...thank god...


Nick said...

recommendation #1- Make a large sign that says ""....actually, thats my only suggestion....

Mike K-F said...

You should hand out free samples of root beer and bacon at games and put the website on the cans of root beer.