Thursday, February 7, 2008

Summing Up Tom Brady's Year

While heading to the caf at work, I bumped into a buddy I hadn't spoken to in weeks. He asked me how I felt about the Superbowl loss. I told him like I told Mike DeSteno from West New York, "I feel horrible, and I never want to speak of it again."

While dispensing a hot cup of joe, he prodded a little further, asking me what I thought about the future. I told him it looks bright with Spring training and Daytona around the corner (knowing full well what he meant). I told him again that I didn't want to talk about it. His defense was that he wanted to talk about the future, not the past. Well, the problem is, the future of our Patriots relies on how we react to our past. We need some major upgrades, mainly in the defensive backfield. My coworker, who will go anonymous, then stated that we had a great season. Great season? GREAT SEASON? Really? Isn't it all about winning? Isn't it about raising that trophy and thanking God? Pretty much, right? Well, we both agreed that going 10-6 and winning the Superbowl is better than heading into the Superbowl 18-0 and losing the big game. But I still would not agree that we could look back on the 2007 season with good memories. I summed up this record breaking season of the Patriots like this:

"This season was like the perfect relationship. You can look back at the good times: the good sex, your trip to Blue Man Group, all of those great times you shared (haha). She was it, "THE ONE". The best you'd ever had...But then she fucks your brother."

Now all those good times and memories don't mean squat. Forgotten forever. Looked back upon with angst and frustration. It was all a never want to forget that horrible feeling, but don't torture yourself by reliving it

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