Tuesday, February 26, 2008

More Colon but more Importantly, more OSCAR LUA

I agree with Ben and his sentiments regarding the Colon signing. However, I think so as to keep some shreds of credibility we should say that Ben's exuberance - and his unfiltered blogging mentality as previously mentioned - may have got the best of him with the below quote:

"I think this has the potential to be the best move Theo and Co. have made in their tenure."

Ben, we know you are all for bringing in a guy that makes David Wells and Curt Schilling look svelte in comparison, but let's not go overboard and call this the Theo Crew's best move to date. I think I'm still going to take David Ortiz. Love the enthusiasm though and even if it's not their "best" move, I still can't find a single reason to quibble with it. Worst case scnario here is that Bartolo Colon devours the entire Rem Dawgs stand on Yawkey Way and leads to the mental unravelling of Jerry Remy. Or he starts giving Josh Beckett and Clay Bucholz nutrition and conditioning tips.

And one more thing, I love that RBB is probably the only sports blog in the world that has mentioned Oscar Lua twice. Ben, stalk the shit out of that guy, convince him that you are his number one fan, and get him blogging on the site ASAP. How awesome would that be?!

Williams out.

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Ben Lauranzano said...

Its not stalking if you really love them....