Thursday, February 7, 2008

Schillings Shoulder: Can you tear a rotator cuff playing World of Warcraft?

By now most of you have heard that Curt Schilling has a slight tear in his rotator cuff and will be out until at least July. I am calling it right here and right now; Curt Schilling will never start a game for the Red Sox again. That's right, you heard it here first. It's over. He can devote his time to making video games, or staying out of the sun, or writing on shoes or whatever the hell he does when he is not telling us how to think.

At this point anyone who is a member of the undergraduate class of BU or Northeastern is going nuts. They are wearing their green Sox hat and yelling "How can this fat asshole who named is website after food, think Schill won't be back? We wouldn't have won the series without him either time!" My response is simple; shut the hell up, your an idiot. Go back to disgracing the city and team, and leave the hard thinking up to people who actually follow the team year round, not just April to October. We know you started caring in September of 04, thats cool, there is room for you at the table too, just sit in the back and keep your mouth shut.

Anyway, this is it for Schill. There certainly was some doubt about signing him at all this year. He was a great pitcher and led this team to places it hadnt been in over a lifetime, and I suspect that is why they ultimately signed him to the one year, 8 million dollar deal. At the time, he had finished the season up solidly after spending much of the summer on the DL. I am sure someone figured he could still be a middle of the rotation guy, and a strong leader for Lester and Buckoltz. Plus, he would retire a Red Sox, and that would be cool. However, now his shoulder is falling apart from clicking the mouse and battling Leeroy Jenkins. But thats not why I think he is all done. He is choosing not to have surgery because that would most likely end his career, and the Sox brass told him that they would void his contract if he had it. So he is going to sit and rest it. With half the season on the shelf I am guessing that either Lester or Buckoltz is going to step up and take on that starting role. If they can do it well and consistently, then Schilling will wind up in the pen, or released all together. Possibly even traded at the deadline.

I am going to shoot an email over to mike and have him profile Lester and Buckoltz for all you rootbeer & Baconites, and I am sure that the other members of the furious four will have something to say on this matter. But I am calling it now, barring another major injury to the starting rotation, Curt Schilling will not start another game for this club.


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